Mud Pulse Gyro System

Most rugged solid state technology. Built to withstand harsh drilling conditions

Through extensive research and development from our engineering team in the UK, we now offer the Flex® GyroMWD system. Manufactured in house, our team can provide unparalleled technical support and service.

Incorporates new high accuracy MEMS solid state gyros and accelerometers built to withstand harsh drilling conditions. It is a versatile instrument operated in a similar manner as any conventional legacy «Tensor» MWD.

The Flex® GyroMWD is crucial to overcome magnetic interference for collision avoidance in multi-well pad drilling. It can also be used for kick offs, sidetracks, whipstocks orientations, batch setting operations for both land and offshore drilling. The Flex® GyroMWD will dramatically reduce your well ellipses of uncertainty while making the drilling process more efficient and enabling for reaching your production targets with unprecedent accuracy.

Technical Specs


Flex® GyroMWD works with Keydrill/Benchtree/Erdos Miller/Noralis/Tolteq/XXT/Pason and any other compatible MWD receiver software.

  • The Flex® GyroMWD can be used in a variety of applications including orientation kick-off, and slimhole cased hole surveying. Using new state-of-the-art solid state MEMS technology, the Flex® GyroMWD technology provides further flexibility of use, and increased speed of operation by enabling all-angle inertial surveys to be recorded while drilling.
  • When the pumps are turned off, the tool will perform a gyrocompass, take a survey and store it in its memory. After the pumps are turned back on, the tool will transmit via mud pulse telemetry the stored survey data as well as quality control flags to verify the quality of the survey. After the survey is transmitted, the tool will start sending continuos information like Toolface and Inclination.

Flex® GyroMWD Advantages:

  • Utilizes a proven mud pulse telemetry system to transmit gyro information to surface.
  • Only a UBHO is installed in the BHA to acommodate the probe. No monels are required.
  • Gyro sensor is located close to the bit for better and faster drilling decisions.
  • Totally retrievable and reseatable using slickline. Probe can be «fished» reducing risk of lost.
  • Downlink capability allows operator to select optimum transmission sequence and data rate.
  • The Flex® GyroMWD sensor can be combined and run with any third party MWD system.
  • Uncertainty ellipses are reduced by not having magnetic interference.

Flex® GyroMWD Summary:

  • High accuracy all-angle north-finding.
  • Continuous survey capability vertical to horizontal.
  • Gyro whipstock and motor orientation capability.
  • Multiservice high reliability tool with integrated functionality.