Solid State Northseeking System


After an extensive R&D program to advance the Gyroflex™ Explorer and Gyroflex Navigator line of VES wellbore surveying technology, VES has introduced the Gyroflex Solid State (GS2). The GS2 represents the world’s first high accuracy solid state (MEMS) northseeking gyro survey tool, combining the flexibility of the Gyroflex product range with the increased ruggedness of solid state sensors. The technology has no moving parts and provides further advances in “gyro-flexibility”.

  • The Gyroflex GS2 can be used in a variety of applications including orientation kick-off, gyro single-/multi-shot (memory based), and slimhole cased hole surveying. Using new state-of-the-art solid state MEMS technology, the latest version of Gyroflex technology provides further flexibility of use, and increased speed of operation by enabling continuous all-angle inertial surveys to be recorded while traversing.
  • The GS2 retains the small size of the Gyroflex range, enabling it to be supplied in a high pressure 1.75” thermal shield configuration, which when combined with the low power consumption of the solid state gyro sensors, means that it can stay in hole longer and at higher temperatures than any other gyro instrument on the market today.

Gyroflex GS2 Advantages:

  • World’s first commercial high accuracy solid state northseeking instrument in the industry, offering the advantages of low power consumption and extreme ruggedness
  • Ultra-low power consumption of the solid state sensor; operates at much higher temperatures and for longer periods than any other gyro survey tool available
  • State-of–the-art design, with integrated functionality in a single instrument to increase reliability in all common survey applications
  • Robust, field-proven design for small diameter and high temperature applications enables it to be used in freefall drop applications at extended depths and temperatures
  • Can provide continuous all-angle surveys over extended operating times

Gyroflex GS2 Services Summary:

  • High accuracy all-angle north-finding multi-shot
  • Continuous survey capability vertical to horizontal
  • Gyro whipstock and motor orientation capability
  • Freefall Drop gyro
  • Memory gyro on slickline
  • Multiservice high reliability tool with integrated functionality