Inertial Navigation System


Utilizing Inertial Navigation System (INS) technology, VES International brings new levels of accuracy, productivity, competition, and customer service to the industry. The InFlex represents the world’s smallest commercial high accuracy INS system. Unlike conventional northseeking gyro systems, InFlex does not have to stop to perform a northseek, as it continuously measures the earth’s rate in three axes, while continuously surveying at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute. The system can also be run in drop mode. Unlike all other systems available today, the InFlex can obtain an inertial inrun survey, without the need to stop the tool, as well as the conventional outrun survey. This represents a significant step in quality assurance of drop surveys.

InFlex Advantages:

  • High speed, high accuracy (HSHA) survey capability: continuously gathers data 158 times per second on inrun and outrun
  • All attitude measurement capability
  • One flexible system: multi-shot, steering, and drop/memory surveys are all conducted using the same probe meaning greater flexibility, availability and reliability
  • On-board advanced data processing algorithms correct for drift in real time; all raw data saved in downhole memory for post processing optimal error estimation
  • Both inrun and outrun are measured with each survey: because InFlex is a truly continuous system, this can be achieved without any productivity sacrifice providing effective quality control immediately after every survey
  • The InFlex can be uniquely calibrated immediately prior to every survey, thus ensuring maximum tool performance and certification for every survey; regular factory calibration is not required
  • Reliable and tough: the InFlex has been designed to withstand both high temperatures and high levels of shock

InFlex Services Summary:

  • High speed, high accuracy (HSHA) all-angle north-finding continuous multi-shot
  • Gyro whipstock and motor orientation
  • Drop gyro (with inrun/outrun capability)
  • Memory gyro on slickline
  • Gyro surveying with tractor combination