Extraordinary Wellbore Surveying Service

Wellbore surveying is our specialty, and we wake up each morning asking ourselves how we can be an even better survey provider to our customers, with extraordinary customer service, more innovative technology, stronger local presence, and faster and more accurate final results. As the largest independent wellbore surveyor, with a growing international presence, we are ready to work alongside our customers and committed to always recommending what’s best for them.

Our Service Pledge


We are there for our customers, to do every job—from the most challenging to the most routine—accurately, when they want it, and how they want it. We never stop until our customers are satisfied.


We measure our success by how much we can help to maximize our customers’ drilling efficiency. Through a combination of our local presence, a broad array of fast, pre-calibrated, and field-friendly survey technologies, and the experience of our survey engineers, we seek to get our customers the quickest survey results with the least amount of disruption to their drilling operations.


By listening to our customers and investing in their needs, we bring constant innovation to serve them better.

Quantified quality

We are committed to helping our customers understand how our wellbore surveying services meet their project needs and industry standards by providing clear, quantified data on our services and technology.

Our People

Wellbore surveying is our sole focus and our passion. Our team of dedicated survey engineers brings years of experience in delivering extraordinary personal service and working with our R&D centers to jointly develop customer-focused surveying technology.


We start by recruiting skilled field engineers and a corporate and technology team dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.


Our survey engineers are trained in-house with processes to ensure speed, reliability, and quality in every survey.


We track the performance of all our survey engineers, to ensure that great performance is rewarded and encouraged throughout our team.

Local knowledge

Our survey engineers are often experts in wellbore surveying in their home basins and share that deep experience with our customers.

Long-term customer relationships

Our survey engineers are focused on serving our customers, not competing against them. We build deep relationships with our customers, many of whom have become friends over many years.

Our Capabilities

We are wellbore survey specialists, dedicated to providing complete, flexible, fast, and highly accurate survey services. Our surveying engineers can work in every mode:

VES wireline

We conduct many surveys using our own fleet of new model, impeccably maintained, highly reliable wireline trucks. We also work on third-party wireline.

Drop and memory modes

Our survey engineers can also run tools in free fall drop mode and memory modes using slickline.

Gyro MWD Services

With robust solid state sensor technology, we are now able to provide gyro while drilling (GWD) services for orientation and kick off applications, where conventional MWD cannot be used.

The Flex® GyroMWD system is designed to streamline your drilling operations and eliminate the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and minimizing downtime. A compact design, advanced features and modular assembly options, make Flex® GyroMWD the perfect solution for any drilling company looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Other services

With our own fleet of wireline trucks and our highly skilled survey engineers, VES also offers wellbore temperature, Gamma-CCL & CBL logging services alongside our core innovative wellbore surveying services. VES also works and maintains strong alliances with the most reputable technology providers for enhancing your wells productivity.  For more information about our additional services, please give us a shout!